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Everything's Gonna Be Alright (Message for a Fearful Soul)

(Jesus:) It's normal to be afraid of death. I was, too, at least during some moments of My earthly life, as one can read in the Gospels. I was in all points tempted as you are.

It is human nature to tend to cling and want to preserve what you've got.

The way to overcome your fears is not by being ashamed of them and hiding them, but to face them, literally embrace and accept them as the weakness and handicap and challenge I happened to equip you with and then give it back to Me and ask Me, "Lord, what am I supposed to learn from this, how am I supposed to handle this and how to I tackle this?"

You only get rid of the darkness by letting the light in.

The perfect antidote to fear is faith in My perfect love. If you know that I love you so completely that I won't ever take anything away from you without giving you something better (even if I should allow your life to be taken from you), and that I will never allow any heavier burden to befall you than one I know you're capable of bearing, and that anything and everything that will happen to you will be for your good, then your fears will simply be replaced by that faith, that knowledge over time.

In order to obtain that faith, one must, of course, spend time with Me, listening to My Words, from which your faith will come, and keep those words in their heart and believe My promises, that they're unlike human promises and cannot be broken, and like seeds they will eventually blossom into strong trees of faith in your life that can withstand a storm and tempest.

You must allow Me to love you with My Words. My Words may be easily underestimated when compared to mere human words, for human words can either be truth or lies or even half-truths. Whereas My words will always be true, and they will always fulfill what they promise, they will always accomplish what they utter.

If I say, "Let there be light," there will be light. Even so, if I command you over and over again to "fear not," then it behooves you to obey Me and trust Me instead of being afraid.

Of course, not everybody is the same. Some people go through life with an attitude of "I will trust and not be afraid," (Isaiah 12:2) while others have a way of dealing with their fears that sounds more like "What time I am afraid, I will trust in Thee..." (Ps.56:3)

And everybody has their moments when they will have to overcome their fears.

When you know that fear is your principal enemy, it can help you greatly to overcome that enemy, and people who were formerly afraid have been know to become quite bold and brave in the end, precisely because they knew whom or what they had to fight.

I knew which were going to be mankind's greatest weaknesses, and that's why there are oodles of Scriptures about overcoming your fears in the Bible.

If you take these to heart, they will inevitably make a difference in your life. If you trust Me for them and believe that they're true - truer than anything else you've ever been told, you can learn to grow much stronger than your fears to a point where they will have no power over you anymore at all.

That may sound like Science Fiction to you, but I promise you, this is reality.

Sooner or later, all fears are going to be erased the same way that all evil and sin will be, even if some people claim that good cannot exist without evil.

In order to get people afraid, the Devil had to cook up many lies, and one of the lies he cooked up is that evil or darkness is equally strong as light and goodness, and that both must pertain forever, that there's this perpetual struggle between the two, the "Yin and Yang" philosophy that has taken hold in so many modern and supposedly "enlightened" minds.

Well, just as Adam and Eve had the choice, each person must also choose today whom they are going to believe, Me and My Word or all that hogwash the Devil spreads and proclaims to loud everywhere.

My Word promises you that I - the One Who is good - am much greater, and can be a much greater and superior force in you than he that is so prevalent in the world - the Devil (1John 4:4).

He may have the majority of people on his side, and he may even have the majority of the power and of the money of this world working for him and his side, but I simply happen to not be impressed by numbers, by "many" or "few," and if you become more familiar with My Word, you will be able to tell that I have always loved to overcome the stronger by a seemingly weaker force: David vs. Goliath, Gideon and his 300 against a vastly superior army, etc., etc.

It's all a matter of learning to think and value things by My standards and letting Me decide and determine what is good and what is evil.

You may think death is something terrible, but My Word says, "Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints" (Ps.116:15).

How can I say that? Do I like death? Why would My prophet have said that unless he knew that death for My saints - and you are one of them, because you have been sanctified by My blood - would be something "precious," something even better than this life?

Can you trust Me for that? Can you trust Me for what I and My Word are saying?

It all boils down to recognizing, "What is there really to be afraid of?"

It takes looking through this whole apparatus and machinery of scare tactics that the Devil has built up, his "Matrix." Everything in life is geared toward "survival:" The survival of the strongest and the fittest, etc.

Well, My philosophy was quite contrary to that: "He that saves his life will lose it, but he that loses it for My sake, he will save it" (Luke 9:24).

Sounds weird, huh? Was I saying everybody should commit suicide? No, but it just happens to be so that you happen to gain that which you really want by letting go of it. Your own effort (like the strength that Cain put in his work) will never get you what I can give you and will never result in a love such as Abel's.

Well, you may say, "Well, you can see what it got him: he died, didn't he?"

Let's put it this way: life is like a school, and when it's over you can come Home to the real life; that which I call life: a life that can be lived perfectly well without any evil present in it. Don't ask any of the supposed bright minds of modern secular society to try to understand this... They only believe in what they see or can figure out with their finite minds, but there's a lot more yet to discover.

You are all going to learn to look past your present horizons and limitations before long, but the sooner you start, the better for you and for those you will influence with your positive outlook.

I knew that the fear of death was going to be a problem, and that's why I came up with the perfect solution: I came to earth. Did you know that this was the reason I came to earth? - To free you and billions of others from their fear of death (Hebrews 2:14,15)?

That was the purpose of My coming: to let you know there is nothing to be afraid of.

Now all you have to do is believe Me.

You may not be able to do it perfectly right now.

But if you're just going to stick with Me for a while and keep drinking in this New Wine I'm giving you, you will. And you'll be able to wave your fears "good-bye."

It's only a matter of time and a matter of your faithfulness to Me. The more faithful you are to Me, the more full of faith you'll be, and the more faith, the less fears you'll have, so, it all depends on you and on what you're going to be willing to give and willing to believe Me for, because that I will do My part is already beyond any question. You can take My part and end of the deal for granted. It's guaranteed. It's already done.

The gift, the victory is already there: you just need to come and grab it.

I love you more than you will ever know completely, but you can find out a little more of that love each day of your life; and sooner or later, those fears of yours will be nothing more than a hazy shade of a memory of something that once was.

It's all a matter of whether you're going to accept that truth sooner or later.

The victory is already won. It's just a matter of learning to walk in the consciousness and awareness of it, which can be attained by your sticking and clinging to My Words.

If you abide in My teachings, you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free (John 8:32).

"Free from what?" - They asked. "We've never been anyone's slaves." "Oh, yes, you are," I said: "He who commits sin is a slave to his sin" (Joh.8:33, 34).

And since everyone's a sinner (Rom.3:23), that means, everyone's a slave. One of those sins is fear. And I have come to free you and rescue and save you from that sin.

Are you ready to be freed from it? Ready to be saved from it? Well, that's My job, My work and My purpose, and if you allow Me to do it, I will do a good job at it in your life. Are you ready?

Are you ready to be freed from the master that is holding you captive? The master I am referring to, just as I was when I was talking to the Jews about this, is the father of lies (John 8:44). You see, fear has been termed by some “false evidence appearing real,” and the reason why fear has become such a powerful weapon in his hands is the great wall of lies that upholds his construct.

He produces those huge monsters, which in reality aren’t any more dangerous than the fake and artificial monsters Hollywood creates in their movies.

So, half the trick and half the victory is really knowing the truth about all the monsters the enemy is creating. Just as you would tell a frightened child who watches somebody being killed on TV or in a movie, “He’s just acting, he’s not really dead,” so I’m telling you: a person who dies and leaves this life is not really dead.

All you’ve got to learn is to trust Me and believe Me the same way any child would trust and believe his parents. Can you?

Well, that’s what it’s all about: Replacing fear with trust, and replacing the Devil’s lies with truth and facts that expose his fake monsters, revealing that they’re really nothing to be afraid of…

We can go through your “monsters” and fears one by one, and I can show you which truth and reality lies behind it, until one day soon you’ll come to the realization, “There really was nothing to be afraid of.”

That trip to the dentist promised to be painful, but you came through it with a smile, “Oh, it wasn’t all that bad, after all…”

It’s similar to something that was accredited to Mark Twain: “I’m an old man and have had many troubles, most of which never happened.” Your worries and your nightmares, they won’t happen anyway! It’s gonna be okay.

If I were to wrap up this talk in something really simple, it would be this phrase: Believe Me, it’s gonna be okay! Everything’s gonna be alright!

If you cannot memorize any Bible verses, you can take it from Bob Marley, and on My authority as granted by the gift of prophecy: “Everything’s gonna be alright!”

If you can just believe Me for that, your life will already be a lot easier. It may not look like it right now, but I promise you, despite all the appearances: It’s gonna be okay!

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Love Is Spelled T.I.M.E. (Message for a Seeker)

Dear One,

first of all, I have to tell you, thank you! - Thank you for being interested in My will for you.

It's something that in this day and age I cannot take for granted, since most people seem to be primarily interested in what they want, not what I might want from them, so I'm always very happy for someone to make an exception to that.

There are certain ways in which people can find out what is My will for them, and there is a whole number of them, including this method of direct revelation via prophecy.

I have promised, "Ask and ye shall receive," and you have asked, so you shall receive.

The primary way to find My will is laid down in My Word, the written Word, the most subsantial and fundamental part of which you will find in that disputed Book, the Bible.

So many things have been written and said in the last century to make the Bible look like a Book that has been tampered with, falsified, and misused by the churches, but I can promise you that if you really want to know Me, My will for you, and My voice, then that's the best place to start.

In the Bible you will find the basics of what I want from mankind, some of which you may have already heard: when somebody came and asked Me, "What is the most important commandment?" I told him, "'Thou shalt love the Lord, thy God with all thine heart, all thy might,and all thy soul,' this is the greatest commandment, And the second is like unto it: 'Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.' In these two commandments hang all the laws, and the prophets"(Mt. 22:37-40).

Basically, you could say, the gist of what I want from all mankind could be wrapped up in these three words: "Thou shalt love!"

Now, I know it's not all that easy. First of all, most people have difficulties loving an invisible God, and wonder, "How can I love Someone with all my heart and might that I haven't even seen?" And that is precisely why you must allow Me to do one thing first, before you can learn to obey that great commandment of Mine: You must allow Me to love you first.

Once you do that, and allow Me to fill you with My love, then you find it also much easier to love Me back. "But how can I let You love me, Lord?" you might ask now.

Well, once again, probably the simplest and easiest way, as well as the first step apart from the physical ways by which I show My love to you - namely by the way I supply your needs, from every breath of air to every drop of water on down to the little things you desire - is My Words. People sometimes underestimate My Words, because they know from their experience with other people's words, that sometimes they are true, and sometimes they are not.

Politicians make promises they break as soon as they're elected, and many people say they're going to do things they wind up not doing at all. But you must know that I am not like that. Every Word I have ever spoken is true, and not only that, but My Words have creative power. By My Words I have created the world and the entire universe.

So, if you think of My Words, I don't want you to think of them in the terms that you relate to human words, which can sometimes be quite empty and worthless, but I would like to convince you of this one thing, that My Word is better than money. Kind David of old said that My Words were better and more valuable than heaps of gold and silver.

Probably you have heard of the economic crisis. Well, things like that can't happen to you if you put your faith and you invest your life into the one solid currency that will never ever fail: My Word.

Another thing I told the people who listened to Me preach during My time on earth concerning God's will for them was: "And this is the will of My father, that you would believe Him Whom He has sent." In other words, along with My great commandment of loving Me and your neighbor, one requirement is to believe Me. If you believe Me and believe the things I say, you will do well.

If you come to think of it, all the evil that happened in the world since the beginning of history happened because the first two people, Adam and Eve (which is not a fairy-tale, by the way - can you believe that?) made the mistake not to believe Me, but they chose to believe the Devil instead. Lots of people do that.

And if you wonder now how come I was already around in Eden when I was only born thousands of years later, you will simply have to believe Me for that, too, just as My disciples had to believe Me when I told them, "Before Abraham was, I am." - Before Adam and Eve were, I am, because I am the Great I Am Who created all things, because I am the Beginning of the Creation of God, and the Father chose to create all things by Me, His living Word, His Word that was destined to be made flesh from before the beginning of time...

I know, this is a little more complicated and theological than what you might have liked to hear from Me, but these are just some basics you need to understand if you want to get to know Me better.

You would probably prefer to hear something more specific about what I would like you to do for Me, but I'm afraid you're a little bit like the wealthy young man who came running to Me and said, "Good Master, what good must I do to inherit eternal life?" So I told him to keep some of the basic commandments.... "Thou shalt not kill, thou shalt not steal, etc." So, he said, "Well, I have kept these all my life." And so I said, "Well, if you really want to have a treasure in Heaven, go, sell all that you have, give it to the poor, and come, follow Me." And he went away sad, because he had too much to give away...

Don't worry. This doesn't mean I'm asking you to sell everything that you have. But I am telling you that if you want to know My will for you, and what I want from you, you're going to have to go the same way all of My believers and disciples (= followers of My teachings) have had to go: You have to go through the way of My Word, and learn, like a baby, to drink in that milk of My Word, and grow from it and allow your faith to grow from it.

You see, the rich young man who came to see Me, he wanted some short-cut, a special clue on how he could get to Heaven before everyone else. But all I was able to tell him was, "Well, if you really want a treasure in Heaven, then you will have to do the same as My disciples did: forsake all they had and follow Me."

Nowadays I'm already happy if people are willing to forsake a little bit of their precious time to Me each day.

You see, one way to spell love in this day and age is T.I.M.E.

If you want to show love to someone, you're going to have to spend time with them, otherwise they're scarcely going to believe that you love them.

So, if you want to keep My great commandment and learn to love Me by allowing Me to love you first, the way to do it is to spend time with Me. You're going to have to invest some of that precious stuff you're given in your relationship with Me. Are you willing to do that?

Well, obviously you are doing it already to some extent, but I'm just telling you that the more time you will spend with Me and in My Word, the closer you will grow to Me, and the better you will get to know Me, and before long, you are going to be able to hear My voice like this.

In fact, if you have the faith, you can hear it right now.

I could speak to you directly, without having to use anybody else to do it, if you just have the faith.

In order to have that faith, you've got to know that I promised this gift of the Holy Spirit to anyone who asks Me for it, and you've got to believe those promises, and believe that I am more willing to keep them and fulfill them for you than you are ready to believe.

How much do you want My gifts? All you need to do is let some of your other things go in order to make more room and time in your life for Me and them, and once you do that, we're going to come into your life with full power. It just takes that little (or sometimes not so little) sacrifice of time.

It's also like one other secret I have laid down in My Word (you see all the wonderful things one can discover in the Bible?): "If a man love Me, he will keep My words: and My Father will love him, and We will come unto him, and make Our abode with him" (John 14:23). In other words, if you keep My Words in you, then My Papa will love you, and We will both come and live inside of you, which means, you will hear Our living Words within you. If you want the gift of the living words of prophecy, the way to get there is by keeping My written Word in your heart first of all.

"But what has that all got to do with learning how to let You love me?" You might ask. Well, imagine My Words like seeds of love that I would like to implant in your heart. In time they will bring forth fruit in your heart and in your life from Me, but it does take time.

So, basically, all I'm asking you, My love, for right now, is to keep dedicating that precious time of yours to Me, and to let nothing and no one divert you from it. My adversary, the Devil, will try to do all he can to distract you and make your life too busy with this and that and the other that may seem so much more important.

And it may not look that important at first, that seemingly insignificant hour or two you spend with Me now and then. But imagine if somebody came and told you, "Hey, I've got this super investment and business deal: all you have to do is invest an hour or two per week, and you will soon wind up rich and get millions and millions of dollars!"

You would certainly take your time then, right? Or if you would get an hour or two to spend with your favorite movie star or singer...

You see, it all depends on your priorities. True, it takes faith to spend time with someone you can't see, but I've had to do it this way, because if I would show Myself to everybody the way I am, it would not cost them much faith to believe in Me then... There had to be some kind of requirement and test that comes along with it. All I can promise and guarantee you is that you won't be disappointed.

You may think that this or that or the other is certainly worth investing your time in, but I'm here to tell you that whatever you will invest your time in will pale in comparison to the dividends and eternal rewards for every moment of your time you will have given to Me.

Other people may make you promises that if you invest in their cause or buy their product, you'll be the winner, and you just can't lose. Well, what I promise you will result in gains that will last for Eternity, if you believe in them. All your other gains you will make and acquire in life you will have to leave behind when this life is over. But whatever you invest in Me and My personal relationship with you will last forever and bring you dividends that will still remain when all else will have faded and crumbled to dust.

So, do we have a deal? Are you ready to walk this road with Me, and ready to promise some of your time to Me so that I can teach you what life is all about?

Once I have become your teacher and Companion, I will not only be able to tell you in general terms what I would like from you, but I will be able to give you specific instructions from one minute to another. Once you learn how to follow Me in general terms, you will also learn how to see My handwriting and hear My voice in the specific details of your life.

Sorry if there's no shortcut to glory. To be My disciple starts at the same spot for everyone: at the beginning. So, are you willing to walk this path with Me like a little child and believe My Promise that in time you will grow as you sit at My feet and learn from Me?

I have so much more to tell you, if you will only let Me and listen!

I love you. And you can't imagine how thankful I am for you and your desire to love Me back. Looking forward to My next "date" and appointment with you,


5:19 PM

The Art of Letting Go (Message for a Friend)

My dear daughter,
I see your tears, and your desperation, and how hard life is for you. Sometimes it’s hard to believe in a just and loving God with all of the seemingly unjust things I happen to allow, even – or especially in the lives of My loved ones, those who try their best to follow Me.
Well, I will try My best to explain to you why some of the things are the way they are.
First of all you must know that I will never, ever forsake you. You know, just like I asked on the cross, “Father, why hast Thou forsaken Me?” but found out that He hadn’t really forsaken Me, that He was still there, and so I finally said, “Into Your hands do I commend My Spirit.”
That’s the point to which the Father would like for each of His children to get: the point of letting go and committing our all into His almighty and all-loving hands.
The human tendency is to cling, you know? But the Father wants us to let go of something lesser so that He can give us something better.

It takes trust, because you don’t know what that “something better” is going to be like, and they say, “One bird in the hand is better than two in the bush.”
But the Father says, “Not so, My dear, because what I have in store for you is a lot – really a lot better than the one little bird in your hand you so desperately cling to.”

People always wonder about the story of Abraham and Isaac. How could I demand such a thing of poor Abraham, they wonder, and ask him to kill his one and only son for Me? But you see, it was going to be an example to the world of the sacrifice that the Father was going to make for them in allowing Me, His one and only beloved Son, to be killed as a ransom and sacrifice for the sins of all mankind.
It didn’t make much sense to Abraham. Just as it doesn’t always make much sense what I seem to be asking of you. But Abraham chose to believe that I – and the Father - knew better.

You see, ever since the Garden of Eden, when Adam and Eve ate of the tree of the fruit of knowledge of good and evil, people have thought that they could decide for themselves what is good and what is evil, instead of trusting Me for it, and instead of obeying Me, and when I say, “No, don’t do this, it isn’t good for you,” to obey Me and not do it; or if I say, “This is going to be good for you, even if it may not seem that way for you,” to believe and trust Me and say, “Yes, Lord, I believe You and trust You; that if You say this seemingly bad thing that’s happening to me is going to be good for me, it’s going to be so.”

It’s like the reversal of the curse that Adam and Eve’s unbelief and disobedience brought upon the world.
So, My dear, I need you to have strong faith and trust in Me. That faith and trust you have acquired over the past few years by your faithful study of My Word and committing My Promises to heart, it must be put to use, and put to the test, just as gold is purified in the fire.

I know, the human tendency is to quickly pipe up, “But the fire has been on for a long time now, and it’s getting unbearably hot.” But remember My Promise that I will never allow you to be tempted above that which you are able to bear (1Cor.10:13). Can you trust Me for that, My dear, beloved daughter and bride?

You see, what Abraham in effect was saying was, “Even if God asks me to kill my own beloved son, I will trust in Him.” The same as Job, who said, “Even if He kills me, yet will I trust in Him.”
Can you trust that much?
Can you let go of everything and trust Me that I will hold it for you, and make something much more precious out of it than what you previously had?

For what is your life? It’s but a vapor that’s here a little while and then it’s gone. The best thing you can do with that little vapor is to offer it to Me as incense, as a sacrifice of love, and as a token of faith and trust, as something that you know I have given you, and so you gladly and willingly give it back to Me, knowing that it is only a little seed that must fall into the ground and die in order to bring forth much fruit, or like a caterpillar that must become a cocoon in order to become a beautiful butterfly…

I understand that you are afraid. But you will find out that I am stronger than your fears. And I can only guarantee and promise you that your momentary sufferings are nothing compared to the glory that will be revealed in you.

Sometimes people ask, “But why me, Lord? Why did You have to choose me to suffer for you? Why not somebody else?” When perhaps the right question ought to be, “Why not me?” The attitude of every believer should be, “Yes, Lord; take me; do with me as you please, because I’m all Yours any way, You created me and gave me life to begin with, so I trust you with it, to do with it as You best see fit.”

When a child is small, and you roll him a ball, and you want him to roll it back to you, so that you can repeat the game, at first he will not understand and cling to the ball. And that’s how people are: I give them something, and instead of giving it back to Me, they think they must cling to it. But in order to really enjoy the game, you need to “roll the ball” back to Me. And each time you do, I will roll something better your way!

Can you trust Me for that, My dear love? That My love for you is so great and so pure, that no matter what I ask of you, no matter what I ask you to give up for Me, I will always give you something better in return?

Honor Me, My love, by trusting Me. Don’t believe Satan’s input in your heart and mind that would cause you to doubt Me and would make Me look like a liar, like someone who doesn’t keep his promises.
That’s Satan’s job, you know? Trying to get you to doubt My love for you.
But I am here to tell you right now that you haven’t even seen or experienced a fraction of My love yet, compared to all that you will yet experience.
For I will greatly reward every little bit of attention and interest you show Me, and you already have.
I know, in your heart you know, “But it’s so little, compared to what I could have given, or compared to what some other great saints of Yours have done for You.”
But it doesn’t matter to Me, My dear, because on the other hand it’s also so much compared to the little or nothing that so many others give Me, and every little bit of your time and attention means so much for Me: your desire to please Me, to cling to Me, and your need for Me.

You see, contrary to people’s idea of Me, it’s not so that I don’t have need of anybody, just because I am all-powerful. Love – and I am Love – works in such a way that it constantly needs to be needed. It’s give and take, and I need you. I need you to need Me.
And by honoring My desire and My need in admitting that you do need Me, you give Me a deep satisfaction that I will greatly honor and reward you for, that is My holy oath that I swear to you. It’s My wedding oath to you, for you are My bride, and I will always be faithful to you, I will always honor you, bear you in My arms and richly reward and decorate you as a queen.

As little as you may be in your own sight, I have destined you for this purpose: you were born to become a queen! Can you believe that? You will be one of My future queens, helping Me to rule this world in My Kingdom, the way it should have been ruled all along.

You may feel utterly incapable of such a task, but don’t worry, My love, you will be capable! I will make you capable and prove to you yet again that you can do all things through Me Who strengthens you (Phil.4:13).

You see, I only make great kings and rulers out of those who are little or nothing in their own eyes. The less they have, the less they figure they have to lose by giving it back to Me.
So, My love, will you fully honor Me by giving your full trust to Me, and trusting Me with your life, for your child, your future, everything?
Can you fully trust that you are in the best hands, and thus in the best place in the universe you could possibly be? As messy and as unlikely as it may seem, can you trust that your life, the way it is right now, is precisely the best thing that could have happened to you of all the millions of options, in order to make you the best you could possibly become?

People can never figure out why, of all people I have chosen them. But it’s usually because of some relatively small choice they made to begin with: you chose to come back faithfully to attend to My Words and learn from My lips. It may not always have resulted in all your dreams come true, but – can you trust Me for this when I say, it will?
That treasure of the Words from My lips is worth more than all the gold or silver you could possibly accumulate in a life-time, because you will have to leave material treasures behind when you leave this earth, but My treasures are yours to keep forever.

You see, people sometimes underestimate My Words, but they’re actually the stuff that the universe is made out of. And your faith in My Words is the same magic that will enable you to exercise the same creative power that I have, that enabled Me to created the immense universe with its billions of galaxies.

People wonder, why would I have chosen a seemingly insignificant spec of dust like earth, just as they wonder why I would have chosen someone seemingly insignificant like you or them or so many of My other seemingly insignificant servants and handmaidens.
But one day they will see as I see, and what I consider important, and also what I consider good and evil.

Will you trust Me, My love, that I know best which is good and which is evil in your life, and that I will only allow that which is ultimately good for you, even if your present tendency may be to differ?

Thank you! I know you won’t be able to do it with an occasional wavering, but even I was tempted to waver and felt forsaken by the Father, only to find out that I wasn’t and never had been!

He was always there, just like I am – and He is – in your life, even if you may not always be aware of Our Presence.

Can you also say, as I did, “'Into Your hands I commend My Spirit,' my life, my all?" I will not disappoint you, honey, that’s My Promise to you! I swear! I will never leave you nor forsake you! Never, ever. No matter what happens! Okay? I love you.

Any choice or decision regarding any details is nearly irrelevant compared to your choice to trust Me fully with your life and commit it all into My hands in full trust and confidence.
One day you will realize that nothing else really mattered in your life, compared to the importance of My Presence in it, My involvement in it, and your decision to trust Me.

I am always faithful, even if you are faithless. I cannot deny Myself. I cannot break My Word, My Promise, My holy oath to you. I can never fail, and I won’t fail you!
Come into My arms and find here all the comfort and love and warmth you ever yearned for! I will never let you down. I only draw you closer to Me, My future queen! Don’t see it as a burden, but as the priceless privilege that it is. Nor say, “But I am not worthy.” Trust Me that I know better than you in this aspect, too.

Let Me make of you that which I best see fit. Can you truly say, as I did, “Not my will, but Thy will be done?” I hope so, My dear, and I trust that you will.

1:09 PM

In the Beginning...

Hello there, this is Jesus.

Yes, the Jesus you’ve heard so much about…
The same from some of those older, sometimes rather boring movies where this guy always winds up hanging on a cross, and it never really made much sense to you, nor why so many people should worship such a guy, and kneel down on Sundays in buildings with colored windows, in front of some kind of replica of Me on the cross.

I know, it doesn’t really seem to make much sense at first glance.

There seems to be this general consensus that I’m supposed to have stopped talking, and pretty much stopped doing anything at all since My resurrection and ascension back to My Home roughly 2000 ago, but contrary to that misconception, I’ve been alive and active (though largely behind the scenes) ever since, and I’ve been talking to this friend of Mine here for quite a while now, just as I have been talking to thousands of others of My friends around the world; and today He has asked Me to say something that would address you, yes, you, the reader of this blog, perhaps in order to bring a little light into that fog in your mind that makes it so hard to make any sense of the things you see around you and the mess the world is in.

Like the question, why is the earth so small in comparison to the rest of the universe, and why would I have chosen such a seeming spec of dust in the big bunch of everything for such important things to happen as My crucifixion, if I’m really the Ruler of the Universe?

It’s true, most folks are rather into big things: big cars, big houses, big screens and whatever they can get for their money, make it preferably big. But I’m different. While size, distance and even time are basically irrelevant to Me (although that may be hard for you to imagine), I’m really specially fond of little things.

Like little old you on your seemingly tiny little planet. I like to devote my attention to the intricate details in My creation.
Did you know that there’s tons of information stored up and being exchanged in each tiny cell within your body and every living thing? Scientists are finding out that what they once used to call a “simple cell” turns out to be as complicated as a whole galaxy… And your body consists of millions of those. Just to show you how much I am into little things, and how irrelevant size is to Me.
As far as I’m concerned, you are a whole universe in itself, and that’s how much I care about you, and about every human being, and in fact, I care about every living thing, especially you.

That’s probably pretty hard for you to fathom, but there is a simple, 3 word explanation in the Bible that wraps it all up, just why that is so, and that says, “God is love.”

If you can’t figure Me out, just remember that “God is love,” and that will do for now.

“Well, then, if You are love,” some people figure, “how come You’re allowing all these bad things to happen in our world, like wars and disasters? You sure seem far away sometimes, and it’s like You don’t seem to care.”

Well, one thing you must know about the history of this earth, is that some things went wrong right at the start. Not that I didn’t allow those things to happen, but…

“Wait a minute! I thought you were born and crucified 2000 years ago… how could You have been around at Creation?” Well, if you read the Gospel of John in My Book, that I helped My believers to write for you, you will understand why. Just read the first chapter of John’s version of My story, and it will explain that I have been around right from the beginning and that through Me all things were made…

What went wrong, came about like this:
You see, Heaven is not a lonely place with just My Dad, the Holy Spirit and Myself sitting around wondering what to do all day. It’s a Place buzzing with action. In fact, if you think, the universe is big, you ought to get a glimpse of the Spirit World, that’s when you can really start talking about BIG.

So, there are billions of angels and other spiritual beings inhabiting My Realm, and they all have one thing in common with you: everybody has the majesty of free choice.

The Father and I didn’t want to have robot-like creatures obeying and serving us all day just because We made them to. We want everybody to like Us and to love Us voluntarily, because they choose and want to.

Well, some of the guys Up Here chose not to play the game according to Our rules, but wanted to start their own game, and one guy in particular wanted to be his own boss, and even boss of the world, if he could get a chance at it, and so we made a deal, that if he could get the first two people, Adam and Eve, to choose to believe his words over Ours, then he could run the world for some time.

Well, guess what Adam and Eve chose?

There was only one commandment back in the Garden of Eden where they lived, that they had to keep, and Satan got them to break that and disobey, and ever since, things aren’t quite the same on earth as We had originally intended, but things are under the curse of disobedience right now, which the first man, your own ancestor – not a monkey or ape man, by the way, but a pretty much perfect prototype, and a spitting image of Me – brought into the world, enabling Satan to play the boss around here for a while, and lord it out over those who don’t choose Me as their Boss.

Sounds complicated?
I know you’re wondering, “But if You’re all-powerful and all that… how could You let this happen?”
I know, it doesn’t make sense right away to you that a perfect God in His right mind would have allowed things to slip out of His hands and into such an imperfect, downright chaotic state, but I’m afraid you’re just going to have to trust Me that I do happen to know that things are going to turn out just perfect in the end, anyhow.
Even more perfect than they would have otherwise, if I wouldn’t have allowed that “accident” to happen…

The price mankind had to pay for their disobedience was death, which was not an original part or component of creation. But when it happened, it was immediately clear to Me that it was I Who was going to have to rectify the situation and do something in order to save mankind out of the mess they had gotten themselves into, and the plan was that I was going to come to earth as a Human Myself and lay down My life for those who wanted to find their way back to God’s way.
And anybody who will believe that and accept My sacrifice on the cross is forgiven for any and all of their sins, wrong-doings and disobediences, and will come to live with Me in the Place that I have prepared for those who accept My sacrifice.
Your body may die, but your spirit will continue to live forever and soon receive an eternal body that will never die.

Just because spiritual things are not visible to you right now, doesn’t mean they’re less real than the things you can touch and feel and see, as you will find out someday soon.
My heavenly City is going to be visible to everybody one day, and it’s even going to come down to earth and make the earth the Headquarters of the universe, so to speak, as you can find described in the last two chapters of the Bible

So, just like Adam and Eve, you also have a choice to make, whether you believe My Word and My input on things, or you’d rather listen to the tempting offers of My Enemy.

He promised that man would not surely die if they disobeyed Me, but they did, eventually, and continue to do so, and he also promised that they would be like gods. So, the choice is, do you want to be your own god, or would you like to give Me a chance?

You can decide right now in your heart whether you’ll take Me, or you continue to find out just where the story will lead under its current direction.
Just remember that if ever things get too tough for you, and they stop making sense altogether, I’ll be there for you, ready to take you, if you’ll take Me.

Whenever you’re ready, say, “Jesus, I believe You,” and I’ll come and rescue you.